Production of coreboard,
interlayer separator
and grey board for edge protectors


Production of coreboard, grey board for
interlayer separators and grey board for edge protectors

Cartiera di Bosco Marengo S.p.A. belonging to the Ghigliotti family has worked in the paper industry since 1902.
Since the early 20th century the objective of our family has always been technological evolution in the production of coreboard for manufacturers of spiral tubes, linear tubes , grey board for cones and edge protectors.
Cartiera di Bosco Marengo was founded in 1968 and in 2000 a new continuous machine (MC2) resulted in greater product quality in order to meet customer requests.
This year we have installed a Jagenberg Synchro 28 Simplex cutter grey board for interlayer separators.
The overall surface area of the site in Bosco Marengo, Alessandria, is equal to 55,000 m▓ and 20,000 m▓ of these are covered.
La Cartiera di Bosco Marengo, exports 50% of its products to Europe. Our key customers include leading multinational companies.
Cartiera Torre Mondový S.P.A. also belongs to the Ghigliotti family (production of grey boar, white board and kraft board for spiral tubes).