Production of coreboard,
interlayer separator
and grey board for edge protectors


Products coreboard

  • Products coreboard
  • Grey board for textile supports
  • Grey board for edge protectors and grey board to meet specific customer needs

Technical specifications of grey board for spiral and straight tubes

Substance gr/m2 Minimum 200 Maximum 700
Bulk cm3/gr Minimum 1,2 Maximum 1,6
Scott bond J/m2 Minimum 250 Maximum 700
Burst index kPa:gr/m2 Minimum 0,8 Maximum 1,8
Reel width Minimum 65 mm Maximum 2400 mm
Internal diameter Minimum 70 mm Maximum 200 mm
External diameter Minimum 1200 mm Maximum 1800 mm

Interlayer separators

  • Grey board for interlayer separators

Technical specifications of interlayer separators

Substance gr/m2 Minimum 250 Maximum 700
Bulk cm3/gr Minimum 1,2 Maximum 1,6
Measures formed Minimum 600x600 Maximum 2400x2000